Jo Malone: Layering Fragrances for Your Wedding

Memories are rooted in all our senses, and a scent helps imprint moments as well as recall them. Your wedding deserves to be experienced to the utmost and a fragrance will help capture that occasion by subconsciously imbuing your memory with a subtle smell. The scent may trigger recollections of the special day for the rest of your life.

British perfume and candle-maker Jo Malone recommends a bespoke scent for both bride and groom, as an expression of individuality and an original way by which to remember the occasion. The scent should be suitable for that particular time of year and matched to your character.

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Jo Malone recommends Layering fragrances which build up a complex combination of notes. The various stages of perfuming oneself follows a kind of relaxing ritual by which to get ready for the day ahead. A body-scrub should ideally be done a couple of days before the wedding, while on the day itself dedicate enough time to shower or bath as a first step to layering your body with a unique scent. Moisturising your skin with a bodycream afterwards will make the fragrance last longer. The final touch is to spray yourself with your bespoke scent.

Furthermore you can titillate your guests’ olfactory glands by filling the air with aromatic and decorative candles. This will ensure everyone present will have a scented memory of your wedding and enjoy the atmosphere with all their senses.

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I had the pleasure of experiencing a bridal consultation along with a complementary hand and arm massage at the Jo Malone boutique by Victoria Street, London.
The alchemy is fascinating and – reminiscing of summer – I combined the potent and  intense cologne ‘Tuberosa Angelica’ with the fresh scent of ‘Grapefruit’, resulting in a deep perfume sporting bright and playful overtones.

A unique and particular scent will enrich any atmosphere and create a truly unforgettable experience. Jo Malone can help you with all your scented needs, and even offers an extra personal touch at their boutique on Regent street by hand-engraving your fragrance bottles and candle lids.


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