Wedding Dog Sitter in Italy

How many people would like to bring their dog to a wedding but in the end have to turn down the in invitation because no one can look after their “special friend”?

Elisa Guidarelli is the right person for such a job. Following extensive experience as a veterinary assistant, in 2010 she set up her business “Wedding Dog Sitter”, the first of its kind in Italy.

Elisa and her team, all personally trained by herself, are professional and experienced with over 200 weddings under their belts.

The service consists not only of dog sitting but also making made to measure pet accessories in their sartorial workshop, ensuring your furry friend is comfortable and stylish for any special occasion.

Everything is matched to the wedding palette of colours. Just as the bridesmaids have their own outfit so too do the dogs, well-groomed (and hopefully well-behaved) amongst the spouses and guests.

Furthermore the service includes a pet photographer who will snap the newlyweds from the dog’s point of view.

With Elisa and her team at Wedding Dog Sitter you won’t even need to worry about or handle your dogs: a stress-free experience is guaranteed.

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What is your typical wedding day like?

Usually the day takes place as follows: arrival home of the bride / groom (or where the dogs are) around 2/3 hour before the ceremony; in this way the dogs can rest easily with their WDS  and are kept them away from confusion and stressing situations by using games, or simply by walking outside. The WDS will await with the dogs the end of the cerimony and they will join the newlyweds to take the pictures and share the emotions and the joy of the moment together! At the location we take care of them with everything they need such as water, food, games, walks and much more.

Do you do dog sitting also for guests’ dogs? How many dogs ideally could you look after at a Wedding ?

The service is specifically for the couple or family’s dog, but not for guests’ dogs because they follow the day in parallel with the spouses so to take pictures with them.

In addition, bringing together dogs that are not familiar or don’t like each other might be annoying and confusing… we don’t want that for a perfect day! Eventually we can provide an extra service of dog sitting for other dogs but only from the location onwards.

We can look after up to 12 dogs, as we did in a Wedding.

Which is your best memory?

One of my best memories is the story of LUCKY a 22 year old little guy, blind and deaf, abandoned at 14 and rescued by this couple at the age of 20. Last May he was at the wedding, and made everyone fall in love!

If the couple speak english, how would you communicate with the dog ?

In english for sure or in the language they talk to him. Overall words are not so important for dogs. It can be helpful to know key words, voice sound and intonation

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging aspect is that we want to change people’s mind, let them understand that pets are part of family!

Not all the dog are well-behaved. What do you do? What is your trick?

Our method is based on empathy; we are able to establish a feeling with them of making us their point of reference, and enables us to take care of every kind of dog

From your experience…what advice would you give to newlyweds who have adopted a puppy?

To treat it with all the love they have, but respecting dog’s nature, enjoying as much as possible time together.



For further information you can contact Elisa Guidarelli and and visit her website

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