Charlotte Atkinson Paints Your Wedding with Colours…

Charlotte Atkinson attended the academic study of Portraiture at The Florence art studio and over the past two decades has captivated the imagination of an international art market with her stunning collection of figurative paintings and limited edition prints.

As an award winning published artist and illustrator she is able to leave a memorable gift with her art by painting your wedding.

She attends the wedding from the start of the day, setting up her easel and tools out of the way in a corner of the venue and starts to paint. She does not need a big space, just a good view of the action.

prato 320356_orig

Before starting the couple can choose the colour scheme and other details to be included in the painting. From there the canvas takes life and shape through Charlotte’s brush.

She captures the atmosphere of the day and becomes a plays a role within the wedding frame. People love to chat with her and it is charming to see her work progressing throughout the day.

Her personal touch and style provides an unforgettable experience to the guests and to the couple who will receive the finished canvas.

parade       rome

Examples of previous paintings can also be viewed on
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