Delicious Occasions…make your Dream Become your Wedding Cake

The organisation of your wedding can often test your timing management skills but also your creativity. Looking at these wedding cakes you can tell that Claire from Delicious Occasions can make your dreams and sketches become a real cake…

Where is your business based?
Near Sevenoaks in Kent but delivery pretty much anywhere, my cakes have been
on planes to Malta!

Where do you take inspiration from to create your cake?
My head usually! I’ve always been creative and have a brain full of ideas,
then the client come along with their dreams and that’s when I get excited
as I get a lightbulb moment of how to create their perfect wedding cake.
Clients have great ideas and come to me unsure if it is possible to create
somethings in cake form and when I show that it usually is possible they
leave very excited about their cake. And I love Pinterest of course.

Which is your most beautiful memory about a wedding cake?
It was one of my first cakes, it was a gothic castle (I love doing cakes out
of the ordinary)…. The morning after the wedding I got a text from the bride
saying it was the first thing she saw when she walked in the room and it
made her wedding so special and she was blown away with how fabulous it was
it brought tears to her eyes. It was the fact that she’d made the effort to
tell me this first thing the very next day

Which is your advice to a couple who want a wedding cake?
Book a consultation so I can give you an hours’ worth of free advice as
there is too much to put here!

What is very popular about wedding cakes?
Personalisation, from the full-on wacky to the subtle hidden gestures on a
cake…the fact that no one else has had their cake. I never repeat cakes.


Do you work with a team or by yourself?
I work by myself, but my mum is always on the phone when I need to bounce
ideas, or I need her to get on a train to come and help (she lives 6 hours
away) despite her not being directly involved in the business we make a
great team. My dad is my official ‘props builder’ he makes cake stands,
exhibition props, and thing I need I know he can build it. I have a thing
about putting cakes on props such as swings, giant toadstools etc…nobody
puts cake in the corner! I hate that venues put them in a corner on a
creased white table cloth like they’re not important in a couples big day

How long does it take on average to make a wedding cake?
How long is a piece of string?!! They’re all bespoke so it really depends on
what they are. I start the baking of a cake on a Wednesday for a Saturday
wedding but it is likely I will have make the decorations months beforehand.


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