KukichaLove: Health and Balance for Your Life

Your wedding is a special and unique moment in life. You are thrilled and put a lot of energy into making it the most beautiful day possible. However your body can respond in different ways to all that nervous excitement, creating negative symptoms such as bad digestions, dull or spotty skin, insomnia, even headaches and hair loss.

Everything might seem under control but your body is expressing a different message, and you need to become rebalanced in a healthy and sustainable way.

KukichaLOVE works to improve the quality of your life. Ariel Peira, an environmental architect and experienced nutritionist, practices a macrobiotic diet and is the founder of KukichaLOVE.

He explains in a few simple phrases that “KukichaLOVE offers all of its knowledge to create a balance between body and soul, while being in harmony with nature. All our principles are based on the LOVE we give to ourselves and to those around us. Our philosophy revolves around a macrobiotic diet which is built on four fundamental pillars: Consciousness in what, where, when and why we eat; Health; Relationships; and the Habitat that surrounds us.”

Ariel Peira, with his knowledge and empathy, will find the right key to introduce you to the macrobiotic philosophy by understanding your problems and concerns. He will advise you on how to best change your diet and habits by first considering your personal requirements and lifestyle.

For any further information you can contact Ariel Perea-Diaz to this email info@kukichalove.net.


*Kukicha is the name of a Japanese tea widely used by Orientals and people who follow this healthy and simple diet. It has many healthy properties for the body and is consumed a little after meals.

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