Retiring your Wedding Dress

You spend hours choosing and fitting your wedding dress, and then pay thousands of pounds for this special purchase. You become attached as it accompanies you throughout the emotional build-up.
But once the big day has ended your wedding dress suddenly loses it’s ‘raison d’être’ and becomes a beautiful obsolete garment.

What a pity!

Here are 4 things you can do with your dress after the wedding:

Are you a practical?
You can ‘recycle’ your dress by taking it to a tailor or back to the bridal-wear shop for a transformation. Companies such as xxx specialise in remodelling wedding garments and their clients wear them to special occasions, such as Ascot, galas and ceremonies.

Are you nostalgic?
Keep it and let it gather dust, as most people do. It is a memento and there is comfort in holding on to such a significant symbol of marriage. Some women take it out and wear it on their anniversaries, which is a great way to relive the special day.

Are you divorced?
Just bin it. Or better yet, destroy it with gusto. Channel your energy and be as creative as you like! Slash, stomp and burn to your heart’s delight.

Are you generous?
Donate it to a charity shop, or offer it to a sibling, friend or daughter if they would like it. You will be happy in the knowledge that your dress will be given a second life, and that your closet will have some extra free space.

So when you try on your wedding dress take a moment to ponder how it will end up during retirement… Hopefully this post has given you some food for thought and a few ideas to consider.

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