The Bride Who Wants to Do the Event of the Year

The wedding is an important day for everybody however everybody prepares for it in a different way…

There is a type of bride who wants  her wedding to be the event of the year. If she is in a long and important relationship she has already begun to secretly collect pictures of her favourite wedding dresses on Pinterest or from bridal magazines.

Once engaged, stuck to the fridge door is her number 1 choice of dress, the one which motivates her to run, enjoy gym and dance classes, and basically shed 2 stones off her figure in order to resemble the model as closely as possible on her fateful day.

The parents, the main sponsors of the event, are experiencing moments of great tension in order to negotiate every single request, with the constant fear of bankruptcy brought about by flowers, candles, fireworks and champagne.

The husband to be, who knows why, has adopted a different policy: to please her.

For this reason he is forcing himself to take dance classes for the first wedding dance, and paying a choreographer to prepare a choreography for that moment. It is a bi-weekly commitment which has caused, as a likely consequence, the cancellation of football matches with his mates.

The bride has cut down on her own social life too, because organising the wedding exactly as she wants is a proper second job. Before taking any decision she needs to be sure to have checked everything and have found the best deal. Her friends now are all the sales personnel while old friends are running away from her wedding monologues.

I must say that when I show her the dress she wants, the bride shines with happiness and shouts with joy. All of a sudden I become her best friend. She doesn’t stop saying how excited she is,  she tells me all the details of her wedding plan and asks for advice with a sparkle in her eyes… But she came alone because her mother and friends do not want to constantly follow her everywhere…

My tips: Wisely cut down on some appointments, make a shortlist of suppliers and venues, thus your family and friends will be happy to share these moments with you. Memories are more beautiful when you have someone close to you at that moment.


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