Tonnara di Scopello for Dreamers and Sicily Lovers

This time I flew to Sicily to visit La Tonnara di Scopello, a marvellous sea-side location amidst wild Mediterranean surroundings.

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In fact the Tonnara di Scopello is the only tuna fishery which has been kept in its original state in order to leave an historical trace of the traditional way of fishing. Nowadays the Administrator and fishermen’s lodgings are now open to hospitality for tourists who want immerse themselves in a different place and time.

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angel_e_marta_0276On one side is a small bay, where imponent rocks known as “faraglioni” grow out the crystal clear sea, while on the other are trees, such as olive, oleander and almond, which embrace the ancient monumental settlement and medieval tower.

This ancient estate is regularly used for photo and film shoots, and offers a unique and stunning location for weddings, events and exhibitions.

angel_e_marta_0457The Tonnara di Scopello is considered a place of historical and architectural importance by the Italian government and protected by restrictions and specific settlement.

The owners are proud to have maintained the original spirit of the place and resisted the lure of activites which may ruin its charm and historical authenticity. All the original materials and old equipment are still kept in the warehouses, which can be visited during a guided tour and in the small museum onsite.

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I recommend this place for dreamer couples not looking for a luxury resort, but in search of a simple and timeless piece of paradise.

Once there let the waves be the soundtrack to your fateful “yes, I do!”



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A special thanks to Martina Botti who took the pictures  of Angel and Marta’s wedding. Please click here if you want to see more pictures.

Photo credits: Martina Botti

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