Game Over: Things To Do Before You Get Married

Tying the knot means leaving behind your bachelor ways, but there are a few things you can do before the end of your single days.Buy all the gadgets you ever wanted. iWatch, widescreen LCD television, power tools for the basement? Go for it, you never know what she will and won’t allow once you are a married couple. Your finances are your own business until you are officially a married unit, so take advantage before you get into that position.

Find your passion, which is probably not your day job. Setting aside time for your hobby is much easier if you start before marriage. In this way it comes as a package deal and she is more likely to accept it. “Honey, I would really like to go twice a week to tango/ karate/ print-making because I am starting to enjoy it” is not as good as “Honey, I’m off to tango/ karate/ print-making as usual. You know it’s a huge part of me…. So see you later!”

 Watch all the movies you like. Action, sci-fi, stupid comedies… once you start living with your spouse your taste in films will have to get more refined and sober. Get ready for a life of romantic comedies, romantic dramas, and arthouse flicks Sure, you might get the occasional opportunity to pick tonight’s movie, but don’t expect her to share the same emotions as you. That gross immature joke will probably get a patient sigh rather than a laugh out of her.

Learn how to cook. A man who knows how to prepare dinner is sexy, and it will earn you brownie points. It’s also a great skill to have in case of unexpected situations. Don’t know your ‘pot pourri’ from your ‘bouquet garni’? Not to worry, all you need are the basics, some signature dishes, and knowing how to cook you favourite meals. You don’t need to earn a Michelin star, just keep it simple… unless you are up for more.

Facial hair experimentation. If you are curious to try the bearded look, massive sideburns, a ponytail or perhaps even a curly Hercule Poirot-style mustache, go through these phases preferably before marriage. Experiment and get it out of your system, then settle for a look that she likes too. After all, married life is made up of compromises, and the lower half of your face is one of them.

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