License to Kilt

I defy any man to wear a tuxedo and not feel a bit like James Bond. It is the epitome of what a gentleman should wear.

There’s with or without the sash, handkerchief or flower in the breast pocket, and a myriad of other personal details.
But the tux is not the only option for the wedding ceremony. If you have any Scottish or Irish heritage then  the kilt is a popular alternative. So if you’d rather feel like Braveheart than 007, and you’ve been looking for a good excuse to wear one, here it is.
It might mean having to get your best man to wear one too, and carefully considering whether bagpipes are a bit too much, but the look is undeniably unique.
Every clan has its own tartan pattern and colours so male guests should be made aware of this to prevent any mistakes when selecting their kilt. Here too there are customisable aspects, such as the satchel (originally containing whiskey and a knife), or the bells on the shoes.
And for the ultimate touch of authenticity don’t forget to… forget the  underwear!