Odescalchi Castle in Santa Marinella: a Mediterranean Venue on the Sea

The Odescalchi castle in Santa Marinella has always been treasured for its strategic and beautiful position by the sea.

Surrounded by palm trees and maritime pines, the castle overlooks a small touristic harbor which rises from the Roman ruins of Punicum and the Ulpiano Villa.

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Over the centuries it was fortified by towers and walls as a protective and defensive measure, and under the Urbano VIII pontificate the castle belonged to the Barberini family, who extended it by adding a grand palace. In 1773 the castle passed to the Santo Spirito Hospital, and in 1887 the property was purchased by Prince Baldassare Odescalschi, ancestor of the current owner.

Nowadays the venue is still surrounded by an amazing park, which the Odescalchi family improved over time, adding typical Mediterranean plants and flowers to the spontaneous and wild vegetation.

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If a couple wish to celebrate both the official civil wedding and a symbolic ceremony or also any outdoor ritual, the garden might be an excellent spot, along with the panoramic terrace or the internal courtyard.

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For all those couples interested in a religious ritual, there is the church of San Giuseppe al Porticciolo in front of the castle, or the parish San Giuseppe only a short distance from the venue.


I must admit that I feel particularly attached to this venue as some of my best friends were married here. The stunning venue and beautiful views enhanced the whole experience and left me with a truly marvelous memory.


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