Ramblers: Fast Painting and Swing

The Ramblers are a duo composed of Laura Calafiore and Gio Patania, and they have introduced a new formula to wedding reception entertainment.

Musician Gio along with painter Laura bring to the stage a customized performance, mixing jazz and swing with fast painting.

Laura explains that “the newly wedded couple hit two targets in one fell swoop: they offer a very original performance for guests and are also left with a personalised memento with which to decorate their love nest. They can even commission the work of pop-art based on their preferred style and preferred colours”.



The Ramblers offer various entertainment solutions for wedding receptions, from short performances to longer pieces, all accompanied by Gio Patania swinging rhythm.

Laura’s performance art is extraordinary to watch, and has the biggest impact during an important moment during the reception, like when the couple arrive at the location or when cutting the cake.

She performs using a big black rotating canvas, and finishes so quickly that surprise at the end is guaranteed. And in the whole time Gio Patania accompanies her with piano and guitar, playing jazz, swing and blues.



The result is astonishing and emotional: she can create in just a few minutes your portraits or any other subject you like.

Here are some links of Laura as a guest at on major TV italian programmes, to give you an example of her style and technique.


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