The Italian Wedding Event

Of all wedding destinations in Europe Italy is the favourite, according to the International Wedding Observatory. It is second in the world only to Hawaii, and beats France, Greece and India.

Italy is chosen for its exclusive mix of tasty food, wine, art, culture, scenery and warm people, a difficult combination to find elsewhere.

In 75% of cases, people who have spent holidays in Italy will decide to return there for their wedding, and  over 90% of couples also choose to stay in Italy for their honeymoon.

Once the destination is picked, planning the wedding from abroad can be complicated and frustrating without the help of a wedding  planning agency.

Amongst the multitude of wedding planners it is very important to pick an agency based in Italy, or at least with some of their staff based within the country.

Federica Nascimben, founder of Italian Wedding Event in Rome, gives some good reasons for choosing an Italian wedding planner in Italy. “First and foremost is the passion that we have for marriages and the country of Italy. We couldn’t imagine being more proud of a country. We have lived in Italy our whole lives and love our families, the cuisine, the beautiful landscapes, and the people that inhabit our land.”


Italian Wedding Event provide an experience, not just a “standardised” wedding package, and through a sincere and open dialogue they are able to recommend the best options to satisfy the couple’s expectations and budget.

In fact, the most stressful aspects of the organisation – finances and legal paperwork – can be delegated to the agent. A good wedding planner is one who is able to stretch a budget, offer all the perks possible, and be realistic with a couple’s requests. Paperwork is the other challenge in the form of changing legislation, Italian bureaucracy, client nationalities and language barriers.

The support offered by Federica Nascimben and her team can cover everything, or just specific things depending on how ‘hands-on’ the couple are. They will be involved as much or as little as they like. The duties of the agency can consist in overseeing the day of services, or they can skillfully and confidently guide you through the entire process.

In the end, their ultimate concern is listening to all your desires and needs, and setting up the most perfect wedding event you can dream of.

Since Italian Wedding Event personally know almost all their suppliers, either living locally or having travelled to them, they can offer many special and exclusive services that are not available through other agencies. Federica points out that “some of these churches, hotels and restaurants are only available through personal negotiations because of their location, prestige and intimacy. Since we work on a personal level with our clients, we are able to convince our suppliers that our clients will visit their establishment with excitement, respect, and honesty.”



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